Smart Ways to Save on Your Wedding and Still Have Your Dream Day

Smart Ways to Save on Your Wedding and Still Have Your Dream Day


Congratulations on your engagement! As you prepare to plan your big day, you might be taken aback by the high costs associated with weddings. According to The Knot, the average wedding, including the engagement ring, costs a substantial $33,900.

The thought of starting your marriage with such a huge expenditure can be daunting. However, don't fret. There are ways to save on your wedding without compromising on the joy and beauty of your special day. Here are eight smart ways to save on your wedding and still have the wedding of your dreams.

Opt for a Non-Saturday Wedding

Contrary to tradition, getting married on days other than Saturday has become quite fashionable. Consider having your wedding on a Friday evening or a Sunday afternoon. You'll find the best deals for a Sunday afternoon ceremony.

Plan a Wedding in the Off-Season

Who says you can't have a dreamy late fall or late winter wedding? In fact, it could be even more romantic and picturesque than a spring wedding. More importantly, it could cost you about half of what a spring wedding would. Plus, you'll have more venue options during the off-season.

Keep an Eye Out for Bridal Gown Sales or Trunk Shows

Start shopping for your wedding dress early and look out for sales. Social media is a great way to keep track of the latest events. Also, don't forget about trunk shows. They may only last a day or two, so be ready to attend when your favorite designer hosts one.

Use In-Season Flowers and Food

Use In-Season Flowers and Food

Choosing in-season flowers for your wedding decor can save you from expensive imports. Similarly, opting for in-season ingredients for your meal can also help you save a lot on your wedding budget.

Host the Ceremony and Reception at the Same Venue

Consider having your entire wedding in one place, including the ceremony and reception. This not only simplifies logistics but also saves money on transportation, decorations, and venue rental.

Embrace Digital Invitations

Instead of traditional paper invitations with multiple inserts, opt for digital invites. Set up a wedding website and have your guests RSVP online. This method is not only cost-effective but also more environmentally friendly and easier to track.

Rethink the Traditional Wedding Cake

Instead of an expensive multi-tiered wedding cake that often goes to waste, consider alternatives like donut walls, pastry tables, or cupcake tiers. These options can be just as delicious but cost a fraction of a traditional wedding cake.

Don't Be Afraid to Negotiate

Negotiating prices, especially for the venue, can lead to substantial savings. Don't hesitate to ask for deals or propose a lower price. The worst they can say is 'no', and then you simply look elsewhere.


Your wedding should be the most memorable day of your life, not the day that drains your bank account. By thoughtfully considering where you can make adjustments and save, you could end up saving thousands of dollars. It's definitely worth the effort!

Remember, whether you're planning a simple wedding or organizing wedding financing for a more lavish affair, the most important thing is to celebrate your love and commitment to each other. So, take a deep breath, start planning, and enjoy every moment of this special time in your life!

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